Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Minutes of Fun

We often use "5 Minutes of Fun" as a way to build relationships and move thinking through a brief, engaging and fun activity or perhaps to just stretch and rejuvinate during a long session. What ideas can you share for "5 Minutes of Fun?"


  1. How Well Do You Know Your Co-Workers?
    Five Minute Ice Breaker
    Submitted by: Thelma Forte and Union C. A.M.S.

    The faculty completed this ice breaker two weeks ago. Teachers had a graphic organizer and they were given three minutes to write down the eye color of everyone on the staff. In three minutes we checked their answers to see if they passed the test.

    Of course, they failed miserably. I asked them how they could fail this test when they saw their colleagues every day. Their answer was they never thought they would have to know this information.

    We noticed several things: The newer staff members missed more than anyone because they were not around their colleagues as long. Teahers quickly made the transfer to students who move into our school. They have a tendency to receive more conduct cuts because they are not accustomed to our rules and procedures. I quickly saw the number of new students receiving office referrals reduced to one student a week.

    The staff also noticed that they knew the color of our African-American staff members all except one who has beautiful green eyes. They actually admitted they missed this answer because most African Americans have brown eyes. They quickly made the transfer to our students. They realized that we may not expect students who transfer from a certain school to be on grade level because of the former history of the school. The teachers examined folders and discovered one of our students who enrolled that day from a historically academically challenged school was in gifted and talented.

    This activity was fun and it helped teachers reflect on their actions towards students without creating hard feelings.

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